Experience Mapping(Week 3)

Experience maps are useful in visualizing how each interaction combines to create the overall experience. By seeing the big picture, you can identify inefficiencies and opportunities for innovation to improve the overall experience.

User Experience Map is a customer journey map about a strategic process of analyzing and communicating complex customer interactions, like a visual or graphic explanation. And the knowledge is build by activity of mapping and common view, and can helps build seamless customer experiences by the map.


Every User Experience Map all have a long working process: Firstly, finishing the original materials according to the research. Designer can acquire a lot of information through Observe the user, user interviews and questionnaire survey, and extract important or interesting information to show by post-it note. Secondly, create a chart. Get a clean new wide board and write user behavior process, try to refine the wording precise and clean as soon as possible. Thirdly is quantitative information. Put the post-it note on the wide board and classify (put the problem and the corresponding viewpoints together). Finally, according to the number of views or importance get rationally judging every problem, and then using the line link it.

A basic Experience Map just follow one path -one user, one goal, one scenario and one path- even when you know the system allows multiple path variations. Add multiples reading dimensions, or reflecting different personas path on the same flow, adds complexity to the experience map.

In the past few years, the role of Map Experience is becoming increasingly evident and valuable, because it is the best way to understand problems between companies and customers. It use a variety of icons, pictures and other visual cues to intuitive display a complete experience when people use a product or a service.

The best kind of user experience map provides a chart view that quickly shows the interest relationship and problem in a process, and will help people or company better understand them customers and business.  And the user map experience will help people strengthen customer relationships and improve it.

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